Controlling your status by your location

We’ve recently added the ability for JAM, pureJAM and customers to change their status with a web API. This shows how you can quickly use the API and the cloud service to automate your status based on your location.

First of all, you need to install the IFTTT app on your device, then you need to create an IFTTT ‘Applet’. You can do this either on your device, or because of the cutting and pasting, sign in on a web browser on a computer and do it that way.




Go to the Remote Commands page on your Answering portal. Log in as a normal user (Administrator doesn’t have a status) and go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Status and Instructions’ -> ‘Remote Status Change’. Click on ‘API’ and copy and paste one of the example URLs.




Then in IFTTT you need to make an Applet using your location as a trigger, and the URL as an Action.













You can use any trigger you want with IFTTT. For example, you could do as I’ve done here and used the ‘Button Widget’ action to give me a button on my phone that sets me to Away for 1 hour:




New Feature – Validate Frequent Callers

We’ve had a ‘Validated Callers’ feature for a few years now, but we’ve given it a few tweaks in the past week.

The purpose of having Validated Callers, is to allow our clients to flag known callers and that their details are all correct. Next time they call in and give their name (or if we capture their number) we won’t ask them for their details again.

We have your permission to handle the call in a more natural manner as if we (you), know who they are.

When you login to your admin homepage, if you have any common callers you’ll see a new entry:



This will take you in to the ‘Top Unvalidated Callers’ page. From here, for each entry you can just click ‘Validate These Details’ and it’s done.



For any other callers who might not make it on to the top charts, you can always use the Validate Details link from within each message.





Validating takes a few seconds and helps give a slicker experience for your most common callers.


New Feature: Company Name Blacklist

We’ve had our ‘Mark As Sales Call’ feature for about 4 years now which allows clients to mark a message as a sales call, receive a refund (up to 5% of monthly volume, potentially block the caller ID and let us know for future that you don’t want calls from that caller.

Where it fell down though was marking a caller as ‘sales’ only works on sales calls from the same individual since our caller history system is split by ‘contact’. If Alice from SpammySalesCo calls, you mark it as spam and Bob calls from the same company it won’t get matched.

To add another layer of defence against unwanted nuisance calls we’ve introduced a ‘Company Name Blacklist’ to flag up sales calls purely by company name. It allows you to block companies you’ve already marked as sales calls as well as the top 70 persistent offenders across our service (we see a LOT of junk calls!).

We’ve left the spam filters off by default so we don’t accidentally block companies you do want to hear from, but to activate the blacklist takes a minute or so.

You can access it from your Admin homepage:




Once there, tick/untick the companies you want to block:



Alternatively, when you ‘Mark As Sales’ for an individual message you can automatically add that company to the blacklist:




Now you’ve blacklisted some companies when we take a message we’ll get an alert that you don’t wish to take calls from this company. We’ll politely tell them to stop calling and abandon the message so you won’t know a thing about it. (Name not obscured on this one… sorry NPower but it’s always you!)




Five clients to win £50 referral credit

At the end of September we are giving away £250 worth of free credit to clients. Five active clients will each be randomly drawn and receive £50 of referral credit.

To have a chance of benefiting from one of the prizes you simply need to have signed up to the auto payment facility using gocardless and have made one payment via this method.

To coin a bit of a cliché no one will go home empty handed as every client who signs up to the auto payment facility receives £5 of referral credit once their first payment has been made.

The benefit of paying via Auto Top Up is you will not need to top up manually each time your balance is running low (so long as you have set the trigger according to your traffic levels).

For anyone unsure how to sign-up to the auto payment top up facility please see this blog post. Auto Top Up Instructions using GoCardless

It is now possible for your account to be automatically topped up using our latest payment method GoCardless.

Once your balance falls below a pre-determined level (set by you), we will automatically apply for a direct debit payment.

Any client that uses this method will also receive a bonus £5 in their referral balance following the first successful payment.

It takes only a few moments to set this up. To do this, please login at as the Admin user and click on the Direct Debit option on the Admin Checklist.

Click on Setup and you will then be taken to the GoCardless Page where you can either confirm your existing bank details or open a new account.

Once completed, select the trigger level for your balance to allow the next payment to be taken as well as the amount you would like to spend.

Please note that the payment does take 3-5 working days to reach your account and the trigger level will need to be set high enough so as to avoid your balance falling below zero during this time.

If at any point, you would like to stop the GoCardless payment, you just need to check the option on the screen. If any further questions, please send a U2U to the Account Manager.

If Interested in simple Direct Debit for your business the following invite link willl receive £50 credit towards your fees.

New Payment Method: Gocardless

It is now possible for all clients to pay via direct debit and it takes only a few moments to setup online from the portal (admin user login).

Simply click on set-up from the homepage and you will be taken to a gocardless page where you either confirm your existing bank details or open an account (very quick process). clients, once completed the direct debit form select the trigger level for their balance to allow the next payment to be taken.

After the first successful payment has been made for PAYG clients, £5 will automatically added to the referral balance which can then be used as call credit at anytime.

JAM and pureJAM clients need only complete the direct debit agreement, and once their first payment is made will receive £10 in their referral balance.

Finally, if Interested in simple Direct Debit for your business the following invite using this link and will receive £50 credit towards your fees.

New website

It took a while but in late January 2014 we finally updated our main website –

Feedback so far has been very positive which is of course great news.

As well as making our various services more distinct on the homepage, we also have a new video giving a short overview of the company.

The most talked about page (at least internally) has been the meet the team videos which have caused a few to have a good laugh.

The final video on the site is the JAM timeline which is a brief look back at some of the highlights over the past 36 years.