Auto Top Up Instructions using GoCardless

It is now possible for your account to be automatically topped up using our latest payment method GoCardless.

Once your balance falls below a pre-determined level (set by you), we will automatically apply for a direct debit payment.

Any client that uses this method will also receive a bonus £5 in their referral balance following the first successful payment.

It takes only a few moments to set this up. To do this, please login at as the Admin user and click on the Direct Debit option on the Admin Checklist.

Click on Setup and you will then be taken to the GoCardless Page where you can either confirm your existing bank details or open a new account.

Once completed, select the trigger level for your balance to allow the next payment to be taken as well as the amount you would like to spend.

Please note that the payment does take 3-5 working days to reach your account and the trigger level will need to be set high enough so as to avoid your balance falling below zero during this time.

If at any point, you would like to stop the GoCardless payment, you just need to check the option on the screen. If any further questions, please send a U2U to the Account Manager.

If Interested in simple Direct Debit for your business the following invite link willl receive £50 credit towards your fees.


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