New Feature: Company Name Blacklist

We’ve had our ‘Mark As Sales Call’ feature for about 4 years now which allows clients to mark a message as a sales call, receive a refund (up to 5% of monthly volume, potentially block the caller ID and let us know for future that you don’t want calls from that caller.

Where it fell down though was marking a caller as ‘sales’ only works on sales calls from the same individual since our caller history system is split by ‘contact’. If Alice from SpammySalesCo calls, you mark it as spam and Bob calls from the same company it won’t get matched.

To add another layer of defence against unwanted nuisance calls we’ve introduced a ‘Company Name Blacklist’ to flag up sales calls purely by company name. It allows you to block companies you’ve already marked as sales calls as well as the top 70 persistent offenders across our service (we see a LOT of junk calls!).

We’ve left the spam filters off by default so we don’t accidentally block companies you do want to hear from, but to activate the blacklist takes a minute or so.

You can access it from your Admin homepage:




Once there, tick/untick the companies you want to block:



Alternatively, when you ‘Mark As Sales’ for an individual message you can automatically add that company to the blacklist:




Now you’ve blacklisted some companies when we take a message we’ll get an alert that you don’t wish to take calls from this company. We’ll politely tell them to stop calling and abandon the message so you won’t know a thing about it. (Name not obscured on this one… sorry NPower but it’s always you!)





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