New Feature – Validate Frequent Callers

We’ve had a ‘Validated Callers’ feature for a few years now, but we’ve given it a few tweaks in the past week.

The purpose of having Validated Callers, is to allow our clients to flag known callers and that their details are all correct. Next time they call in and give their name (or if we capture their number) we won’t ask them for their details again.

We have your permission to handle the call in a more natural manner as if we (you), know who they are.

When you login to your admin homepage, if you have any common callers you’ll see a new entry:



This will take you in to the ‘Top Unvalidated Callers’ page. From here, for each entry you can just click ‘Validate These Details’ and it’s done.



For any other callers who might not make it on to the top charts, you can always use the Validate Details link from within each message.





Validating takes a few seconds and helps give a slicker experience for your most common callers.



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